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Network Professional Association: Recipient of 2002 Best Networking Professional-Career Achievement Award Canadian, Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P.,
took home the highest honor as the recipient of the international
NPA Career Achievement Award

"National Gary Hadford Award for Professional Achievement, Integrity, and Writing"
INDUCTION - IT Hall of Fame

IT Hero Award from ITAC and Industry Canada
IT Hero Award from ITAC and Industry Canada;
ITAC is the voice of the Canadian information technology industry

Top 3 awards: Computing Canada IT Leadership Lifetime achievement, Microsoft 2006 MVP, NPA Distinguished Fellow
Stephen Ibaraki: 3 Top Honours
Top Three Awards 2006 news


NPA Distinguished Fellow
Network Professional Association (NPA)
Stephen Ibaraki, DF/NPA
Distinguished Fellow

Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS)
Canadian Information Processing (CIPS)
Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P.
Information Systems Professional

CIPS Fellow Member
Canadian Information Processing (CIPS)
Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS
CIPS Fellow Member
SecTor Conference Advisory Committee
Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., DFNPA, CNP invited to SecTor Conference Advisory Committee



Stephen Ibaraki Chairman and Managing General Partner REDDS Capital. ai for good, founder, chair, outreach UN ITU global summit. Globally unique with Chairman, Founder, Board roles in: Business/finance, successful Entrepreneurship, no.1 global computing Science orgs, UN innovation progs, top Industry-orgs/think tanks, no.1 Summits (acronym BE-SUNIS). 100+ global engagements guiding $10+ Trillion in sustainable investments.

CIPS Founding Fellows Profile (Board Director, Vice-President, Chairman & President, Advisor to OEC--2005-Present):

NPA Founding Fellows Profile (Vice-Chair, Publisher, Managing Editor, Director Certification Board, Chair College of Distinguished Fellows, Chair Editorial Board, Board Director--2004-Present):

Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., DF/NPA, CNP, 'uniquely' holds more than 50 national and international awards and recognitions. For his outstanding lifetime contributions to information communication technology, a small sampling of Ibaraki's elections include: founding CIPS Fellow (FCIPS); founding NPA Distinguished Fellow (DFNPA); Canadian IT Hall of Fame (CIPS); Global Hall of Fame (as DFNPA); ICT Industry's only recipient of the Computing Canada IT Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award; after a worldwide search, inaugural recipient of the Global Lifetime Career Achievement Award for Professionalism (NPA, Network World, Network Computing, Novell, Interop Conferences, Networld+Interop); inaugural recipient of the IT Hero Award (Federal Government Industry Canada, Information Technology Association); National Gary Hadford Award for Professional Achievement (CIPS); National All-Star Team Award (DataTech); multiple teaching, writing, speaking awards/recognitions; ...

Stephen serves internationally with more than 100 concurrent roles and board positions. His first experiences with technology began in 1965 when he built his first analog computer and then quickly moving to digital technology, and software. He also is a retired educator in technology and business.

Stephen Ibaraki has written articles, papers, and reports on technology distributed worldwide; spoken at regional, national, and international conferences; been interviewed as an IT expert for the press and for Internet broadcasts with live questions and answers taken from users around the globe.

Practitioner Board Association for Computing Machinery past-chair

Founding chair Global Industry Council and vice-chair IP3 International Federation for Information Processing

Founding chairman Technology Advisory Council Financial Services Roundtable (FSR) FinTech Ideas Festival (200 CEOs/Execs, FSR: $92.7 trillion managed assets, $1.2 trillion annual revenue)

Founding chair advisory board and keynote Digital Africa on Industry/Nation 4.0 (2016, 2017)

Invited advisor on Nation 4.0 and board member within IEEE

Founding managing general partner REDDS Capital (Venture Investment Partners) and founding chairman investment committee REDDS VC Fund

Founder technology advisory board, Yintech Investment Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ)

Founding member Beyond Initiative (VW/Audi AI Think Tank)

Founding chair outreach UN ITU "ICT Discovery Journal

ai for good, founder, chair, outreach UN ITU global summit with XPRIZE Foundation, 20 UN Agency partners, 47 media

Speaker, ProphetsofAI   Connecting AI Leaders

Top 5 bloggers IDG-IT World (Canada)

Keynote at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE Austin USA), keynote UNIDO General Conference Industry 4.0 (Vienna); organizer and host speaker Wuzhen Summit World Internet Conference AI Forum (WIC: 1500 CEOs/leaders); speaker UN GA Second Committee & ECOSOC Joint Session (New York, Future of Everything)

15 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Global Awards (Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, "We recognize and value your exceptional contributions and commitment to technical communities worldwide. By sharing your real world expertise and technical skills, you demonstrate outstanding technical community leadership. Thank you.") and 3 global gold awards; 3 founding Fellow awards

There is much more information as nominated founding fellow, past board chair and president government-chartered Canadian Information Processing Society"   LinkedIn:



Stephen Ibaraki articles/interviews/reviews are targeted to IT professionals, and enterprises worldwide and have appeared in many publications.

Stephen Ibaraki Interviews/reviews are also published by the Industry-Canada chartered non-profit Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), the non-profit Network Professional Association (NPA) and Pearson Publishing. There are regular interviews with the world's leading experts.

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Microsoft MVP impacting global governments and industry



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