[Excerpt] Chapter 25 by Professor Calvin Gotlieb

On July 14, 2009, Phyllis, my wife of 60 years, died. She was the love of my life. We had a marriage I could wish for everyone.

When just 11, she resolved to be a writer, and she eventually published 18 books -- science fiction and poetry. Phyllis gained international recognition for her body of work. In Canada, the name "Sunburst" (for the leading juried award in science fiction) is taken from the title of her first book. A tribute to her was paid in Parliament and she was given a lifetime achievement award by the Science Fiction Writers of Canada. Her books and short stories have been translated into a dozen languages. I received many letters from writers who wanted me to know how much they owed her for her generosity and support. These testaments are a source of pride and comfort.

I loved my wife Phyllis for everything she was. I loved her mind and her wit. There was never once that I regretted marrying her. Of our life together she said, "We two make a multitude."

To Phyllis: She graced this world and imagined others.