Podcast/Video Interviews by Stephen Ibaraki

Vadim Belyakov: Founder, NOTALONE; YPO Europe Regional Chair; Serial Entrepreneur

Vadim BelyakovSince autumn 2017 Vadim has been working on the NOTALONE app. NOTALONE is an application for young people who feel loneliness, depression and anxiety and the app uses innovative and life-altering technology like AI bot, online forums and emo-memories. The content is based on 20 years of established clinical psychology experience, and encompass the highest standard work and findings of respected professionals in the field. Here, users will find answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to issues involving emotional pain and social isolation. Social media is perceived by many to be a threat to personal connection, but Not Alone is here to challenge that view by providing users with a variety of strategies to meaningfully connect to others and deepen healthy and positive self-awareness.

Since 2009 Vadim Belyakov is an active member of YPO community. He had a number of positions in YPO before becoming Regional Chair for Europe in 2019.

Vadim is a serial entrepreneur since 1999 when ROST XXI Group was founded. The ROST XXI Group main activities were importation and distribution of FMCG goods on the whole territory of Russian Federation and it became Russia's leader in brand sales. The company has shifted its interest to providing real-estate development and back-office support to medium-sized multinational businesses in Russia. Vadim is also President of Uniland, a trading company that distributes a wide range of products from world producers to consumers in the Ural region. His sensitive leadership in tuning his business's strategies in accordance to his country's current affairs has made him a valuable asset in the Russian economy.

Vadim personal interests are dispersed between personal development (alumni of LBS and attendee of YPO/Harvard program), endurance sports (Ironman and marathon running) and collecting contemporary art and wine.