Podcast/Video Interviews by Stephen Ibaraki

A Chat with Diana Daniels: Serial Entrepreneur; Strategic Investor; Chair, Alumni Scholarship foundation of Stanford Executive Program; Chairwoman and founder of Cronos Group; about being agent of change

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Diana Daniels.

Diana DanielsDiana Daniels is the Chairwoman and founder of Cronos Group, a multi-country carrier of carriers providing services to connect people around the world. She is also Founder of TinkerLink a social marketplace helping communities to get jobs and get paid. Our referral-based app is aimed to help the unbanked, underserved to be included in the mobile money revolution.

With over 15 years in Management positions in the Telecommunications industry. Diana Daniels has led several groups and teams to bring them working together for one objective: Increase Margin and Market Share. Her dynamic, results oriented and high goals achiever personality, has granted her the access to be one of the best renowned executives in the industry. Multicultural, trilingual and highly experienced in technological resources, regulatory subjects, financial analysis and a true Agent of Change that has served as a catalyst in all organizations conducting and assisting in the transformation for her companies to the next level.

She is as well, Chair the Alumni Scholarship foundation of the Stanford Executive Program, giving NGO founders chances to attend the Program. Founding Partner of Reaction Global a VC fund where our thesis investment is to measurably improve one billion lives within a decade, by scaling innovations that will change the world.

Active member of YPO where she serves in several Boards, such as the Impact Advisory board, the Editorial Advisory board, and also as Engagement Officer for the Leadership Development Network. She will become the first Female Chair of the Greater Europe chapter next year and currently serving as Learning officer has helped the region to increase diversity for women inside the YPO Athena Program including more female executives into the network, but also developed programs an initiative to foster social inclusion, like the Leaders without borders, a Mentorship Program for Refugees and YPOers; established the iXchange Program that delivered over 100 internships to the young adults daughters and sons of YPO. Diana founded the first YNG Incubator, where more than 50 young founders were able to further develop their ideas into actionable and sellable services and products, to potentially apply for funds, to scale their ventures.

Diana is also Founder of Opulix a digital platform giving voice to unheard Spanish speaking authors. Her goal is to make an impact in the way we all connect.