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A Chat with Lucian Tarnowski: Passionate Speaker; Researcher; Creator; Founding Curator, United Plant & UP.Game; runs Take Heart India; was Founder & CEO of BraveNew, about designing and powering online communities that connect diverse stakeholders around a shared purpose

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Lucian Tarnowski.

Lucian TarnowskiLucian Tarnowski, Founding Curator, United Planet & UP.Game

United Planet is a thriving Gaian civilization in harmony with all life. The UP Game is a time traveling immersive reality to create mythologies from the United Planet. Lucian spent 2 years designing a platform for a planetary unifying narrative to respond to the crisis of meaning and trust. This mission is to deliver on the decade of transformation and seed the vision for a Gaian movement towards a planetary civilization in harmony with all life. Lucian believes we succeed by reverse engineering the story from the future. Lucian is a Gaian on a mission to serve the birthing of the Planetary Age.

Lucian has a decade of experience in designing and powering online communities that connect diverse stakeholders around a shared purpose. Communities support virtual and distributed teams to scale and achieve their collaboration, knowledge sharing and problem-solving goals. For 10 years he was Founder & CEO of BraveNew which enabled Fortune 1000 clients such as GE, and collaboratives such as Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Geinsinger Health to cooperate and collaborate around a shared purpose.

Lucian has been honoured as a Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum. He has been an active attendee of Davos and other World Economic Forum meetings for 14 years. He continues to research and experiment around the social science behind communities, knowledge sharing and societal transformation.

Since 2002, he has run Take Heart India, a 53-year-old no overheads charity started by his father that provides blind and handicapped people in rural India with the vocational employment skills to required to get lifelong employment.

He has spoken at gatherings such as Davos, various World Economic Forum meetings, TEDx, The China Digital Summit, Impact Summit and for companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Oracle, Pearson, IBM and PWC. He speaks to audiences around the world about communities and the convergence of talent, knowledge and capital and the impact on society.