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Pierce B Dunn: Serial Entrepreneur; Futurist; Co-founder The Knowledge Pledge - Using global collaboration to scale social impact solutions

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Pierce B. Dunn.

Pierce B. DunnPierce B. Dunn is an entrepreneur who collaborates with others to use technology innovatively and ethically to solve market problems. He has led, started or advised businesses in manufacturing, environmental consulting, data management, distribution and talent development. He also has financial experience as a partner in an investment advisory firm and a venture capital firm

Pierce currently serves as a co-founder of The Knowledge Pledge, founder of TalentWell Partners (AI powered TELOS talent development software), chairman of Finback 670 (data management for disaster recovery) and CONNOR (environmental consulting).

Having spent many years supporting education and other non-profit organizations, Pierce is now focused on global collaboration to scale social impact solutions. He believes that the world faces an historical inflection point. Globalization and exponential technologies are creating unsustainable disparities in human well-being and opportunities. Climate change is causing severe accelerating stress to many species, including humans. Traditional institutions have not yet demonstrated the wherewithal to address these challenges. Pierce believes that all leaders (for-profit, non-profit and governments) must mobilize and collaborate to find and scale solutions. The world is awash in capital but applied practical knowledge is scarce and not equally distributed.

Pierce attended Princeton University (AB), Georgetown Law School (JD), Loyola University (MBA) and Singularity University (Exec. Program). He served as chair of the strategy committee, chair of the finance committee and vice-chair of the YPO international board.