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A Chat with Kitty M. Kolding, Serial Entrepreneur; CEO, Co-Founder Raisonance Group of Companies

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Kitty M. Kolding.

Kitty M. KoldingKitty is a successful start-up CEO, having led multiple early stage and mid stage start-ups across categories including marketing tech, marketing services, data and AI. She has founded and led four of her own companies, and has been hired into several start-ups by Founders and VC investors as a professional CEO, to drive more disciplined and productive business operations.

Raisonance, Inc., headquartered in the Denver Tech Center, is a family of AI/ML companies focused on respiratory diagnostic and wellness solutions in the US and around the world. Their flagship product, called AudibleHealth Dx, is a software only, AI-powered diagnostic platform that uses only the sound of a person's cough to diagnose respiratory diseases. The mobile app interface collects a person's cough sound, and is designed to deliver a diagnosis in about 2 minutes, in the app. The company has already built tests for COVID-19 and Tuberculosis, both of which are under regulatory review, and is currently working on additional solutions for Influenza and RSV, with a pipeline of another 15 test types on the product roadmap.

Raisonance has also developed a suite of wellness products. The MyAdvocate product line is focused on supporting people with chronic respiratory conditions like COPD, COVID-19, and smoking cessation. The FCV Sentinel solution helps users monitor their overall respiratory wellness and get an early warning and an impact score if they have been exposed to pathogens, environmental impacts like wildfire smoke, or chemical agents.

Kitty has been quoted across major media outlets, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and has been a featured speaker at leading industry conferences.

Kitty lives in Parker, Colorado with her husband and two sons.