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Podcast/Video Interviews by Stephen Ibaraki

A Chat with Serge Conesa: Innovator; Entrepreneur; Visionary; about immersive cooling, the energy crisis, working with countries and the UN ITU for the greater good

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Serge Conesa.

Serge ConesaSerge Conesa brings over 30 years of experience in data communications and the IT networking industry, holding Executive key positions in both sales and marketing management with from Fortune 500 companies and over 20 start-ups. His experience ranges from working in the business of internationally expanding major telecommunications and civil infrastructure businesses coordinating all the key elements of a new business: including time, money, resources and technology throughout multiple geographies and cultures.

Since March 2016, Serge primary focus has been to develop Immersion4 DTM™ (Dynamic Thermal Management) technology bringing a new interpretation on Datacenter & electronic cooling technologies. In 2018, Immersion4 has received multiple awards & recognitions such as THE 2018 AEI GRAND PRIX LEONARDO DA VINCI, awarded by the European Association of Inventors and THE DIPLOMA AND THE GOLD MEDAL of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. Recently in September 2019 at the ITU Telecom World Annual Summit, Immersion4 has been awarded with two prestigious Awards:

  • Award winner of Most Innovative Use of ICTs (Information, Communication Tech)

  • Award winner of Global SME Excellence

Since March 2011, Serge primary focus has been to bring a new interpretation to utility management and savings by:

  • Redefining system approach leading to a methodology which includes agility, to provide real-time actionable insights to reduce the utility consumption from the building to the scale of a country in respect with the security and data integrity of all parties involved.

  • Creating a Universal Assessment Platform "UAP" to provide a unified and cohesive SaaS solution that enables C level building owners and municipalities to realize the full benefit of their smart grid and energy system investments.

His vision will help corporate and government customers assess, optimize, and manage the life cycle of resources utilization for enhanced efficiency and reduced energy consumption. At the highest levels of governments, energy independence is recognized as key to maintain a nation's economic and political security. His work is giving now the ability to respond to the call from the White House, not only in addressing, but also in helping to solve the nationís need for energy independence in a climate of greater demand and diminishing resources, and to replace the current inefficient industrial model of resources management with a new highly efficient model.