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A Chat with Gerard (Gus) Gaynor, IEEE Life Fellow, about his amazing career that spans technical, management, entrepreneurial, and innovation

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Gerald (Gus) Gaynor.

Gus GaynorGus Gaynor, IEEE Life Fellow, brings experiences from a career that spanned the technical and management disciplines. Early career involved upper atmosphere research at the University of Michigan, followed by product development, a personal entrepreneurial venture followed by 25 years of service at 3M in major engineering and executive assignments. During seven years of residence in Europe, Gaynor served as Chief Engineer of 3M Italy and Director of Engineering for 3M Europe and on the 3M Italy Board of Directors and 3M Europe Executive Committee.

After retiring from 3M, Gaynor organized G. H. Gaynor and Associates concentrating on managing engineering, technology, and innovation. He has authored five books related to managing technology and innovation including McGraw Hill's Handbook on Technology Management. Gaynor has also published over 50 papers. Gaynor had two foreign Fulbright Scholar appointments and served as Adjunct Professor at St. Thomas University and as a lecturer at the University of Minnesota graduate programs on Managing Technology and Innovation.

Over a period of over 30 years Gaynor has served on many IEEE committees such as the TA PSPB for over 15 years and was inducted into the TA Hall of Honor for his work in developing IEEE's Xplore. He was the Founding Editor of IEEE USA's Today's Engineer.