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A Chat with Nikhil Malhotra: Innovator; Futurist; Author; Researcher; Global Head - Maker's Lab; Chief Innovation Officer, Tech Mahindra

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Nikhil Malhotra.

"We are reminded of the limitless-ness of Human curiosity, when we see man and machine create marvels for the future together” – Nikhil Malhotra

Nikhil MalhotraAn Innovator, Futurist, Author, TEDx Speaker, Father and a Dog lover

Nikhil Malhotra is the Global Head - Maker's Lab, a unique Thin-Q-Bator space within TechMahindra with 22+ years of experience. Nikhil is also a World Economic Forum AI Fellow working on responsible AI and Quantum ethics. Nikhil has been a researcher all his life and is now leading the growth of AI, robotics and Quantum Computing research within Tech Mahindra. Nikhil started his research on AI with IBM. His area of personal research has been how quantum Computing, AI and neuroscience would inspire the growth of AI. He consults various businesses and academic organizations on the future of AI and Quantum. He has won numerous awards including the 2020 and 2021 Innovation Congress award for most innovative leader in India.

Nikhil is also a TEDx speaker and an author of a best seller book – Courage, the journey of an innovator.

One of his vision is to enable machines to talk in local Indian dialect. There are 1645 dialects in India and 26 mother tongues and 80% of Indian population does not speak English. Nikhil is researching on Sanskrit and how this ancient Indian language could sow the seed for the next computer revolution . Nikhil is also actively researching on Indus Script as he calls it his weekend project.

His hobbies include playing tennis, football and reading books on quantum mechanics and biographies.

He holds a master's degree in computing with specialization in distributed computing from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne and is an avid physicist.

Nikhil currently resides in Pune with his wife Shalini and sons Angad and Rudra.

Nikhil Malhotra book - CourageThis book has all the ingredients of drama, emotion, action and innovation with a heavy dose of humor. Above all, this book is about Courage and what you need to be an intrapreneur in the corporate world. The author's intention, is to take the reader through a journey of his life, his formative years , college and my corporate life, and provide an account of how scores of individuals and incidents have shaped him to what he is today , a futurist, a chief innovation officer, but overall, an innovator.