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INFORMATION by Stephen Ibaraki

Microsoft Shares Insights at United Nations July 2

Carolyn Nguyen, Microsoft Director Telecom and Internet Governance, provided compelling insights in support of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) action lines and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the United Nations Thursday July 2nd. She gave several examples where Microsoft was bridging the digital divide, supporting capacity building through education, implementing youth and diversity engagement. For example Microsoft's YouthSpark program which I wrote about in previous blogs including support from Maria Klawe. I was an invited speaker as well representing the global partnership IFIP IP3 and the tremendous work of Brenda Aynsley Chair - I requested Carolyn to share more based upon my experiences chairing a panel session for YouthSpark Live in Vancouver.

Live streamed while in session, this is the on-demand recorded session for the first panel where Carolyn spoke (deliberations with example interventions at 1.34.57 and 2.18.55 where I spotlighted Microsoft):

Panels 2 and 3: (sample interventions at 1:06:22, 2:10:10)


The United Nations invited notable global authorities to speak Thursday July 2nd, in an historical unprecedented UNITED NATIONS event—the first time external non-governmental stakeholder were given this extended ability to inform the United Nations through three panels (speakers are assigned as speakers or respondents) and unique with live streaming and Twitter for questions.

Carolyn served as speaker during the UN General Assembly informal interactive consultations on WSIS+10. The hearings were organized by the President of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly. The arrangements were supported by UN DESA, ITU, UNCTAD, UNESCO and UN-NGLS. The hearings provided an opportunity for representatives of the different stakeholders to exchange views on the overall review of the implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society.

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