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Podcast/Video Interviews by Stephen Ibaraki

A Chat with Dr. Fatemeh Sharifi: Data scientist and machine learning specialist; Researcher; Senior Consultant for Avanade (team Lead in Data Science and Machine Learning)

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Dr. Fatemeh Sharifi.

Dr. Fatemeh SharifiDr. Fatemeh Sharifi is an experienced data scientist and machine learning specialist. With a Ph.D. in Software Engineering with special focus on applied machine learning, she has demonstrated her skills in software engineering and artificial intelligence. Her research focus was on the "Leveraging Feature Exploitation to Automate Practical Machine Learning with Text, Image and Tabular Data." Fatemeh has published in various international journals and conferences, demonstrating her skills and passion for research.

Fatemeh' undergraduate degree was in Software Engineering in Amirkabir University of Technology which she started in 2006. After this she chose to specialise in Artificial Intelligence in Master's degree.

With over 15 years of experience in academia, she has honed her ability to deeply understand complex problems and effectively communicate them to a non-technical audience. This valuable skill set has greatly benefited her in her role as a consultant, where she excels in bridging the gap between client requirements and delivering impactful solutions.

She currently is a Senior Consultant for Avanade, where she is currently leading a team in Data Science and Machine Learning. As data science and ML lead, she manages to deliver end to end ML pipeline product to clients using different technologies such as cloud-based architecture and Databricks. Her work involves leveraging ML for text, image, and big data analysis in different industries.