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Windows 10 Preview Top 5 Resources

There's an additional one million Windows Insiders who have joined the Windows 10 Insiders program which spotlights the high interest for enterprises, SMBs, and consumers. The compelling message is the diverse platforms supported where you work with one environment across tablets, PCs, phones, augmented reality, gaming,

Number 1:

In my chat with Microsoft President Janet Kennedy we talked about Windows 10 and I took a look under the hood to see what is coming with Windows 10 and Windows 10 for phone.

Microsoft chief Janet Kennedy on trends plus Windows 10 tech preview

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Number 2:

I chatted with Roy Taylor about Windows 10 who gives a really positive endorsement and I did an overview of Windows 10 plus took a look at Hololens.

AMD VP Roy Taylor talks about Windows 10, virtual reality, security, and the future
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At the YouthSpark Live event in Vancouver, there was so much interest in Hololens and everywhere I am speaking. There is overwhelming positive reaction to the first untethered holographic computer running Windows 10—this indicates the opportunities available including with NASA who is using it with their work on Mars exploration. The Microsoft HoloLens website has been updated to address the most frequently asked questions.

Number 3:

Microsoft is sending out builds more frequently to Windows Insiders who have selected "Fast" preview builds. To switch builds (fast or slow) on your PC, go to Settings, Update & recovery, Advanced options. For your phone, go to the Windows Insider app. To get the latest update news and fixes, go to Insider Hub in the Start menu on your PC. A Hub for phones is coming soon.

The Get Started app in the Start menu guides you through the latest features.

Check out the Windows Insider Community forum to get tips and advice, and help solve problems.

Number 4:

The Windows 10 developer tools are now available that are coming with the Windows universal app platform. Application developers get Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 and SDK, here. Hardware developers get tools here. (English-language availability only.)

Number 5:

Use these TechNet resources:

Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview: FAQ for IT professionals

Try it out: Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview

Windows 10 Technical Preview IT pro forums

Windows 10 for Enterprise: More secure and up to date