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INFORMATION by Stephen Ibaraki

Top Reasons CIO's and Manager's Need to Experience Windows 10

Click here for the article in IT World:
CIO's top 6 considerations for Windows 10 plus latest preview 10061

In the article you will be exposed to compelling Windows 10 benefits including this short sampling of what managers will experience by using Windows 10:

  1. Features such as Windows Hello, Passport, Device Guard that reduce costs, increase productivity / efficiency / security. One example: "Priorities such as consistency, increased productivity, mobile and cloud first, security focus, consumer to enterprise usage alignment, the new web and embracing big data analytics come to mind. One Windows operating system across the diversity of devices aligned with the priorities makes sense."

  2. Top applications for managers. One example: for managing contacts, calendars, email, browsing, and doing business much faster, cleaner and more efficiently.

  3. Why you as an IT Manager needs to think about using Windows 10. One example: "There is a unified Windows Store with universal apps working across all devices and a new web-based Store portal with the ability to create your own private section for your company stocked with acquired Store apps and uploaded custom apps."

  4. Explicit enhancements for mobile/BYOD such as with Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone. One example: "The mobile device management container layer in Windows 10 provides a consistent management interface across devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones,...), device wiping, Windows Store full control, data protection policies, managing multiple users, VPN configuration plus data leakage protection–a first amongst the top three operating systems. Unlike IOS, Windows 10 allows the sharing of content between corporate and personal apps with your IT department logging the event."

  5. Usability embedded throughout. One example: "Called Continuum, Windows 10 will detect the type of device you are using and optimize accordingly: keyboard/touchpad-(plus enhanced gestures) with mouse or touch. When I get my Surface Pro 4 (joking) this week, Windows 10 will auto-detect the keyboard and allow the use of the small Start menu and then optionally expand to the full-screen Start menu when operating in pure tablet mode."