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A Chat with Dimitri Syrris: Founder and CEO of Baotree; Co-creator of the African Solutions Impact Circle for the Knowledge Impact Network; a member of the Regenerative Alliance

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Dimitri Syrris.

Dimitri SyrrisDimitri Syrris has a profound understanding and passion for the interconnection point where humans and nature coexist. Born and raised in South Africa, Dimitri has embedded himself in Africa's natural kingdoms and community systems. He recognises the importance of providing a new way for individuals living in underserved ecosystems to create value from their social, economic, and ecological environments. Through research and a commitment to deep learning, Dimitri Founded and is the CEO of Baotree, where the team continue to develop a data-on-demand model that enables anyone, anywhere, to complete activities that benefit the individual economically and, therefore, their environment.

By leveraging technology and data, this innovative solution provides a new way of approaching sustainability, and social and environmental impact, helping to bridge the gap between organisations, underserved people and the resources they need to thrive. Dimitri is committed to making a difference and using his expertise to create positive change in the world.

Dimitri is the co-creator of the African Solutions Impact Circle for the Knowledge Impact Network, a member of the Regenerative Alliance and a YNG Gold member serving on YPO Impact Network ExCo's, executing YPO's first in-person Global Impact Summit as a committee member. Dimitri has the heart of a bushman, the mind of a systems changer and a soul that seeks out the good in every situation.