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A Chat with Eli Ingraham: CEO of TIE Global Artisans; leader of Global Advisory Boards; successful serial entrepreneur; about digital innovation, social impact and impact investing

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Eli Ingraham.

Eli IngrahamEli Ingraham is a graduate of Wellesley College and Cambridge University's executive program in Sustainability Business Management focused on supply and value chain best practices within the framework of the SDGs.

Eli is currently CEO of TIE Global Artisans, a social enterprise, founded by African, Indian and US partners to alleviate poverty among millions of indigenous artisans around the world. By providing vital access to quality raw materials, modern techniques, and global markets, TIE allows artisans to capture the unrealized economic value of their unique craftmanship. TIE connects artisans with discerning buyers of luxury products around the globe while also elevating artisans as a source of innovation and entrepreneurship in the fight to preserve their rich cultural heritage.

Previously, Eli led YPO's global business and social impact divisions as their Chief Networks Officer. Her team supported 29,000+ CEOs across 140 countries in global business, social entrepreneurship, business sustainability, corporate social responsibility, economic empowerment, global diplomacy, community resiliency, and other social impact topics.

Eli leads the Global Advisory Board of The Knowledge Pledge, a unique advisory company dedicated to accelerating progress on the world's most pressing issues by connecting global experts with high potential social entrepreneurs to share knowledge, co-create solutions, and scale their impact.

Eli also serves on the Global Advisory Board of Women4Solutions [W4S], a dynamic group of 1,000+ female executives and entrepreneurs in 30+ countries building inclusive and regenerative businesses that balance purpose and profits, particularly in support of the SDGs Gender Equity and Climate Action targets.

Eli is an investor and advisor of Astia Global, Portfolia, and SHEeo, three women and minority-focused investor groups engaging thousands of "radically generous" women working on the World's To Do List.

Eli began her career in technology and finance and then joined PBS and NPR to create digital startups before working with Fortune 500 companies, including Aetna and Pearson, as part of their digital innovation teams.

She is deeply committed to advancing regenerative systems and shared prosperity. She serves as a Human Rights Commissioner in her home city just outside of Boston, MA.