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Podcast/Video Interviews by Stephen Ibaraki

Ivan Caballero: Tech Serial Entrepreneur; Advisor for the use of technology and internet applied to social engagement, purpose driven entrepreneurship, citizen oriented cities

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Ivan Caballero.

Ivan Caballero"I'm a tech serial entrepreneur working in pursuit of a better society through people's inclusion and empowerment. I accumulate more than two decades developing successful disruptive tech startups with impact in the society.

I've been carrying out, mentoring or been an advisor in several projects where the use of technology and internet are applied to social engagement, purpose driven entrepreneurship and citizen oriented cities.

In 2014, I founded Social Coin, a social experiment to foster and track Acts of Kindness. It soon became a global movement and a game-changing technology for Social Responsibility for Companies, Universities and Smart Cities. This work around the Gift and the Pay It Forward Economy has inspired people worldwide and received public recognition from the United Nations - WSA, the European Commission, the Institute for the Future, Gifted Citizen and various innovation and social impact congresses.

Citibeats is the result of Social Coin's experiment and more than 1 year of R&D, a real time awareness tool for social needs helping our customers to react better and faster in fast changing social environments.

My personal moonshot is to develop a technology on top of Citibeats able to reward any single action based on the impact it has in society, reshaping the concept of wealth and becoming the operating system for a Universal Basic Income solution."