Journey in Professionalism


PUBLISHED:  Feb. 15, 2013-02-15

DESCRIPTION:  Presentation at UNESCO Paris WSIS + 10 Review Meeting Feb. 2013. Topics include: ICT Trends, Education Trends, Entrepreneurship Models, ICT Professionalism Defined

Speaker Profile:

Stephen Ibaraki is awarded for his outstanding lifetime achievements as an ICT nominated Fellow, Distinguished Fellow, Global Fellow, Global Hall of Fame, IT Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award, Advanced Technology Lifetime Achievement Award, Awards for Professionalism Career Achievement Award, IT Hero Award, Gary Hadford Award, Writing and Teaching awards, Microsoft Global Gold Awards, Most Valuable Professional (2006-present), ... more than 50 awards and recognitions.

Ibaraki is the founding/first chairman (United-Nations-founded IFIP-IP3 Global Industry Council, iGEN Knowledge Solutions, Global Board GITCA, SIMCO, CIACG, The Vine Group); founding executive board director (ChinaValue, ChinaKPS, ChinaSNS, FEAPO); founder largest management blog IT Manager Connection; vice-chairman (World CIO Forum, IFIP IP3); board director (NPA, ACM, CIPS, GITCA); chairman ACM Practitioner Board PDC, chairman ACM Practitioner Board PDC-W, chairman ACM Practitioner Board PCC; advisory boards/advisory panels/mentor/advisor (Government ZERDE Holdings, Government ZERDE Group of Companies, SECTOR, Prithvi, McKinsey, ICT Development Fund (Government and CE Industry Seed Fund), Accelerator HK, Neil Squire, Canadian Business All-Star Executive Panel, ...); Advisor Kay Family Foundation (KFF); speaker (IFIP World Computer Congress, ISACA World Congress, Astana Economic Forum / Connect, Dutch Tax Office, ITU WSIS, ...); ....

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